National Wildlife Refuge Week: An occasion worth celebrating

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By Andy Thompson on
October 09, 2011

I’m not usually impressed by days, weeks or months commemorating things, people, or groups. Most are downright silly and unnecessary. As declared by the National Museum of Health and Medicine, April 24 is National Hairball Awareness Day. Um, okay.

And why do we need Wife Appreciation Day (third Sunday in September)? Isn’t that every day? (This is me winking at the guys reading this.)

So my mouse finger was itching to hit ‘delete’ when I received an email Saturday declaring the coming week National Wildlife Refuge Week by edict of the U.S. Senate. Whatever, right?

But as I dug into the email, I thought about the refuges I’ve visited, and did a little more research on Virginia’s refuge units, I realized how worthy these places are – not just of recognition from the Senate, but by all of us in the form of a visit.

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